Child abuse is represented by any behavior which brings harm to a child who falls under the legal age of 18. This can take different forms such as physical, emotional and sexual abuse in addition to exploitation and neglect. Learn about the erins law in this homepage.

Child abuse is highly against the law. In case you know a child who is experiencing child abuse or is in immediate danger, it is highly recommended to inform the police. In case you have been abused, or even know someone who has undergone the same, it is important to inform others for legal action to be taken.

The effects of abuse on a child bear long lasting memories in addition to serious natures. Despite the occurrence of the abuse whether in the past or the present, you can still get the needed help and support. Here is what you need to know about these laws.

Types of Abuse

Abusive behavior is inclusive of treating someone with violence or cruelty. This commonly occurs in either a repeated or regular manner. There are majorly four major types of abuse.

1. Physical Abuse

The use of any physical force against a child does not happen by accident and can lead to serious injuries. Cases of child abuse include beating, hitting, punching, biting, scratching, shaking, choking and strangling.

2. Sexual Abuse

Any form of sexual involvement or contact that exists between a child and adult forms part of the sexual abuse. The sexual abuse can also take form of voyeurism, incest or sexual acts. It is highly advised to read through the sexual assault to gain more information in relation to this act.

3. Emotional Abuse

This takes form of denying your child any form of love, security and approval or mistreatment of a child in any way. It can also be in form of the way an adult speaks and relates to the child in addition to the acts towards the children. Isolating, yelling, bullying, terrorizing, shaming, ignoring and criticizing are all part of the emotional abuse.

4. Neglect

This implies the failure to provide a child with the requirements for their growth and well-being. This includes food, shelter, medical attention, hygiene, safety and education. This all enshrined as part of the laws.

Why Are Children Abused?
Child abuse of any form is not just and should not be condoned no matter the case. There are a variety of reasons as to why cases of child abuse continue to persist in the current society. Some reported cases are caused due to poor family upbringing if the children which leave them exposed to these vices. Discover more details in this site:

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